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With reference to today’s headline food News in the British
press and Media on Fat.

Don’t get carried away and think you can eat whatever you want – Oh no that is not what today’s news means, the press of course have sensationalised it. They’ve created drama where there isn’t any. Nothing has changed – it’s just that the medical profession is catching up with the science.

Nutritional therapists on the other hand are well ahead of doctors in this. We have been saying fat is good, sugar and carbs are bad, for years. There are many fats that are NOT good for you – but these are not the normal natural fats that the medical profession and manufacturers have convinced people over the last 3 decades or more to avoid.
Saturated fat is a normal requirement of the human body. It helps give us more energy and makes us more satiated (feel full) than carbohydrates. It is sugar and carbs that get turned into and stored as fat in the body. It is the carbs without fats that cause blood sugar imbalances and create problems. We NEED fat – it is vital for health.

  • Fats are concentrated source of energy.
  • Carries and transports the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K.
  • Helps the body use protein and carbohydrates more efficiently.
  • A component of every cell wall.
  • Deposits of fat in the body serve to support and cushion vital organs, and to provide insulation.
  • The body’s chief storage form for energy and work.
  • Carries the compounds that give foods their aroma and flavor.
  • Cholesterol is vital for making hormones and Vitamin D (which actually is a hormone named wrongly)
  • Can determine the amount of inflammation there is in the body.

Overeating it, for example fatty fry up is NOT what is being recommended. These are damaged, toxic BAD fats – and should  only be eaten every now and againButter fro Neals Yard

These are the fats to consume:

Butter – in moderation (Goats butter has much less cholesterol)
Olive oil – try not to use old olive oil that’s been sitting around for months
Avocado and avocado oil
Nut oils, Seed Oils, nuts and seeds – but make sure not old – keep in fridge
Flax oil – High content of Omega3 – helps keep blood thin, very good for skin and contains good natural estrogens. Coconut oil/butter – Make sure cold pressed and not heated (the fat in coconut milk should be eaten only in moderation)
WalnutAvocado butter with lemon small
Eggs – contrary to popular belief eggs are good for you- the organic version will have higher content of good fats as the chicken’s feed and life is higher quality.
Oliy fish – in moderation (due to heavy metal content)
Meat – in moderation.
Dairy – in moderation.

If you have been fat free for a while , you may find your digestion take a while to get used to it, reduce intake if any problems. Over eating fat can put a heavy demand on the liver and digestion, and if you have had your gall bladder removed be very careful of your fat intake and consult your doctor.

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