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This delicious risotto is easy to make and takes around 40 minutes from start to finish. It requires no cheese or dairy to enhance it’s flavour. If you use brown rice it will increase protein, fibre and B Vitamin content, but if time is of the essence then Aborio Risotto is fine.  Serve with rocket and cherry tomato salad.

Ingredients/directions for 4 servings (this can keep in the fridge overnight must be heated through before eating)

2 cups of Aborio Risotto rice OR if you want to be healthier
you can use brown short grain rice or wild rice

(takes about 20 minutes longer and needs more liquid)
250g chestnut mushrooms – washed and sliced
200g- mixed exotic mushrooms – washed and sliced
Half cup of dried porcini mushrooms – washed then soaked for 30-60 minutes
1 litre of stock (can be chicken, mushroom or vegetable stock using filtered water) or if reducing salt intake just water
5 cloves of crushed garlic
Extra Virgin olive oil
4-5 handfuls of young spinach leaves
Pinch of pink Himalayan finely ground salt
1 tpn of ground white pepper or a pinch of cayenne

Option: Truffle oil

Place a large pan on medium-high heat and add some olive oil. Add the sliced mushrooms and garlic, stirring all the time.
Add the rice and stir thoroughly, don’t allow to catch on bottom, add half the liquid. Drain the porcini mushrooms saving the brown liquid. Chop the now moist mushrooms and add to pan. Also add the brown liquid but making sure the grainy residue remains at the
bottom and is discarded. Watch the mixture in the pan stirring regularly. As it thickens add more liquid until the rice is soft. Once all the liquid has been soaked up, add all the spinach; a little more olive oil or truffle oil and season with the pink salt and pepper.
Serve immediately with the rocket salad.


Nutritional benefits: Mushrooms contain a wide range of polysaccharides (a chain of bonded sugar molecules) called beta-glucans, which have a broad impact on boosting the immune system. Spinach is high in folate, iron, calcium and other minerals as well as protein and fibre.

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