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Cellulite formation has many aspects which could be connected to sluggish circilation and the leaking of blood and lymph vessels due to the weakening of connective tissue. This can cause fat to bulge out more and give the dimpled effect. Women have different tissue structures to men – female septae tissue is mesh like and holds onto fat cells (important in reproduction) men’s are smooth and don’t hold onto as much fat.

The factors involved are:

  1. The contraceptive pill – can cause excess oestrogen, which is designed by nature to cause weakening of connective tissue to facilitate birth.
  2. Excess oestrogen, can also cause the body to build fat up in certain areas around thighs, breasts and buttocks- due to preparation for reproduction and breast feeding. The reason why men don’t  normally get cellulite.
  3. Damaged blood and lymph tissue can cause a build up of free radicals (toxins), which then cause more damage to connective tissue. This can also cause water retention so exacerbating the dimpled effect.
  4. Damage to fibroblast cells which produce the connective tissue can cause the fat cells to be coated with an impenetrable protein layer, this can prevent circulation and removal of the fat cells.
  5. Toxins are stored by the body in the fat cells so they do not do further damage, during detoxification process – it is important to support getting the toxins out of the body quickly to prevent cell damage.
  6. Both lack of exercise and over exertion can cause cellulite – the former due to sluggish circulation and the latter due to damage and tightening of muscle tissue that does not allow the fat to escape.

Reducing cellulite

It appears that it is not possible to completely eradicate cellulite – even liposuction won’t stop it from forming again. However making dietary changes, increasing nutrients and using food supplements to target circulation can help reduce it and prevent further cellulite forming. Foods containing Indoles (I3C) like cabbage can help reduce the toxic affect of excess oestrogen. Raw or very lighlty cooked.savoy cabbage smaller

Anti oxidants, Bioflavonoids and Vitamin C (at least 200omg of the buffered form ) are vital for healthy connective tissue. Gentle detoxification is also needed – this you can do through dietary changes, more fluid intake, and exercise – especially Yoga. Hot baths, saunas and steam rooms are all recommended.

Some literature suggests that getting too hot on the inside from over exertion in exercise can force some fat out of cells making it unable to be burnt up in metabolism, and stopping it from being removed – especially if you have poor circulation of lymph. Exercise like Yoga stretches out every muscle and joint creating better circulation.

Some products also claim to get rid of cellulite – most of them if they are good will just smooth the skin.
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What can you make for lunch when you have two guests that are expecting something delicious but at the same time ridiculously healthy? Is there indeed such a thing?

If you know what to buy and how to cook it, there are many such lunches. Most of the people I talk to and pretty much ALL of my clients want Easy to Make meals. There just isn’t the desire to slave over a stove anymore unless you are cooking to show off, or perhaps Sunday Roast (Which I find well worth slaving over due to the endless praise I get from my 10 year old gravy monster)

I made this lunch for two friends that are both on a quest to get better health, and it will fit into my beautiful skin recipes simply because it is filled with all the right ingredients to support skin health (and in doing so will support many other functions in the body)

It was a great success and now I am sharing it with you.

Wild Salmon with Black Rice and Sesame









Serves 3/4


  • 200grams wild easy cook or black rice (See previous blog re nutritional)
  • 240grams of Wild Salmon (important for extra taste, more Omega3 content) Approx 2 fillets
  • shiitake mushrooms (fresh) – whole pack or 140grams (can use dried ones) – chopped or sliced
  • Any green leaf vegetable you have in fridge – a few chopped handfuls (spinach, kale, spring greens, carvelo nero, bok choi or green beans)
  • Fresh ginger – approx 1 inch – chopped finely
  • Sesame seeds (not toasted) – 3-4 teaspoons
  • Parsley – Handful chopped
  • Fresh red chilli – de-seeded and chopped
  • 2 x spring onions
  • Toasted sesame oil
  • Tamari sauce
  • 1 cup of water


Steam of bake the salmon at around 160 degrees (to not damage the precious fats) when cooled remove any skin or bones and flake the fillets.

Cook the rice (as pack instructions) – if it’s easy cook it will be around 10- 15 minutes if black rice it will be 30 minutes at least. You can pre-cook this and keep it in the fridge.

In a large flat pan place half a cup of water place on the heat (watch this carefully as water will brown the foods quickly if allowed to dry out) when hot add the ginger and a splash of tamari, add shiitake mushrooms and cook until soft, lower the heat and add sesame oil, add the flaked salmon and another splash of tamari. You will need to keep adding water so it does not dry out and brown after a minute or so add the cooked rice keep stirring nothing should be over cooking or getting brown. Add freshly chopped parsley, chilli, sesame seeds, chopped greens (these should not spend much time cooking- 1 minute) Turn off the heat and add a little more sesame oil and finely chopped spring onions. It’s ready to serve – once in the dishes sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Keeping the cost down

To reduce the cost of this dish but keep it delicious, use just one fillet of salmon, half a pack of shiitake mushrooms, a larger amount of greens, replace black rice with red rice and use a pinch of cayenne pepper instead of fresh chilli, and olive oil instead of sesame oil. It will still be delicious and healthy, but with slight different flavours.

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