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Whilst driving today, I found myself listening to the news and to the major talk shows. The subject that dominated was Aspirin and how the latest research is more or less calling it a wonder drug and implying that it protects from heart disease, stroke, certain cancers amongst other things.
I was amazed that in not one single report did the news team talk about the natural foods and supplements that do exactly the same as a low dose of aspirin without the side effects.

The plus for Aspirin is that it does help thin the blood due to the reduction of the sticky platelets , and can help the blood to not clot where you really don’t want it to, as in coronary artery disease. The research apparently shows that it also can help stop certain cancers from spreading around the body.

I am not disputing this, I am no expert in pharmaceuticals, however I do know that one of the side effects from taking Aspirin, which is a NSAID (Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) is to reduce the protective lining of the gut by interfering with the pathways that produce the protective lining in the gut wall.  This is where the long-term damage to health is caused. The problems of leaky gut and sensitive gut lining are so far-reaching they can lead to digestive problems in the future, which in turn can have a huge effect on general health.

If you are healthy and you want to protect your health, it is much simpler and safer and far more nourishing to take fish oil, or flax oil, Vitamin E, ginger and garlic and herbs like cinnamon and turmeric. These all act on the blood keeping it naturally thinned and they support many other aspects of health. Cutting toxic foods out of the diet can also help to keep blood healthy – all as a preventative.

So before anyone reaches for that pack of pharmaceutical drugs because you are worried about the future of your health, give some thought to the natural and far healthier way to keep the blood healthy.

Please note the above does not replace medical advise given by your doctor, if you are worried about your health you should contact your health care provider. Be aware that if you take all the natural therapies AND blood thinning medications you can thin the blood too much and this can be dangerous, it is best to consult a nutritional therapist or doctor if you have any concerns.

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